‘Heartening’ X Factor is releasing an original song

The writer who penned the only other original X Factor winner’s song says it’s “heartening” the show’s doing it again.

Eleven years after Shayne Ward’s That’s My Goal, Ed Sheeran has co-written Matt Terry’s debut track.

Jem Godfrey thinks it will add “credibility” to Matt’s career beginnings.

That’s My Goal is the fastest-selling winner’s song in X Factor history.

It also won an Ivor Novello award in 2006 but Jem admits “the music industry is so different now” adding that X Factor has “redefined music in many ways”.



“It’s quite nice to have an original song,” Jem tells Newsbeat. “It almost adds more authority to it.”

Similar to Ed and Amy, Jem co-wrote That’s My Goal and didn’t realise the commercial success it would go on to have.

“We wrote it and didn’t think anything of it,” he remembers.

“A few weeks later we got the call saying it was going to be the winners song which was really unusual.”

And he can relate to the backlash they’re getting for associating themselves with a talent show.

“I’ve got nothing but respect for those who have the guts to do it,” he says.

“It is a talent show and you can’t really get away from that.

“It’s an old tradition of having people go on TV competing to be the best.”

Last year’s X Factor winner Louisa Johnson’s debut charted at number nine, the lowest winner’s single chart position.

Jem thinks that’s one of the reasons there has been a move towards having an original song, “Because it adds credibility to it.”

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