Long way to go for PNG female artists

It is still a big struggle for female artists in PNG’s ever struggling music industry.

Even 13 years after introducing the PNG Musik Awards to empower all artists, founding member and radio personality, Kasty still sees this as an issue.

“There are quite a number of female artists in the industry, who are talented vocalists and performers as well as gifted songwriters but they often lack the confidence,” he said.

The challenge each year is to have more females taking part in the industry.

Many factors still hinder female artists, the main issue being the way society perceives what or how women should be. And then there’s security issues to consider as well, among other things.

But there are some female artists like Konea Lavaiamat who have been successful on the other hand.

“I grew up in a musical home, my big brothers are musicians also so I had the opportunity to get straight in and record my album.

“But we are in a society where ladies are inferior to men and a lot of choices we make, the male in our lives always have a say in it.

“And the biggest issue is worrying about what others would think of us. Because especially with circular music, you have to do things not comfortable with the culture. That’s the main challenge.

“You will notice that most female artists from PNG who have succeeded in their music career are those who are overseas,” Lavaiamat said.

She will be the female vocalist for the stage band at the 13th YumiFM PNG Musik awards this Saturday, April 29.



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