Lucky Liam Payne
Lucky Liam Payne wants to gamble in Vegas

Liam Payne wants to try his luck at Vegas casinos after an amazing run in his personal life.

The One Direction star, who’s carving out a solo career while the band is on hiatus, has had a busy 2017 so far.

As well as launching his own music projects, after signing with Capitol Records 12 months ago, Liam also became a first-time father. His girlfriend Cheryl gave birth to baby Bear in March, and Liam can’t get over how great his life currently is.

“It is the most amazing thing (being a dad),” he grinned to “And I couldn’t be happier with everything that’s going on in my life right now. I don’t see how I could get any luckier. I should go to Vegas…”

Although Liam’s hasn’t got any complaints right now, work commitments did force him to miss his first Father’s Day last month.

Liam was away on promotional duties for his new single Strip That Down, flying from America to Italy on 16 June, and he confesses not being able to see son Bear was tough.

“It was a sombre Father’s Day,” he admitted. “But bless my missus, she did the most amazing things for me. She had him dressed in a first Father’s Day outfit and sent over cards and pictures for me to carry on the road. Even talking about it now makes me a bit sad.

“And also, on the opposite side of it, somebody sent me something from our film (One Direction: Where We Are – The Concert Film), of my dad talking about missing me. And I was really emotional on the day. And I didn’t want to see my dad upset as well. So, we had a good FaceTime on the plane. I said to my dad, ‘How strange is it that I’m a dad now?’”

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