14yo is ‘the next big thing’

Irau Jessie is yet to embrace fame but she surely is the next big thing on the airwaves.

The first daughter of Kairuku musician Jessie Joe, Irau obviously did not miss the music gene.

She recorded her first song at age two, and continued singing her way up.

She even performed with a mixture of Sanguma band and Profile Unity, landing gigs at events including the Melanesian Arts Festival.

For a 14-year-old, Irau’s voice is very well developed and perfectly modulated similar to a professional singer with years of experience.

Her opportunity is the exposure to this creativity very early on in her life.

Irau’s grandfather worked with the UPNG faculty of creative arts and her father Jessie Joe went on to be the most loved Booking Mahn singer.

Irau says he would sing to her while she was still in the womb.

Years on, Jessie and daughter Irau have become the dynamic duo singing in perfect harmony, leaving the audience awestruck.

She has released two songs so far – Pougoro and Mr Rent Man, which she sings with her father.

Her third song titled Secret Admirer will be released in at least two weeks’ time.

Together with her father, they are slowly working on an album.

Irau can jump into any genre perfectly and also impresses her father coming up with new ideas every day.

“Her talent is growing fast. She’s just too much for me but I am a proud father,” he said.

Irau has six other siblings after her, and most are already showing interest in music, mostly instruments.

Hopefully, a Jessie family album is not too far off as well.



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