Artists need to evolve: Jagarizzar

There’s a lot to learn from long-time musician Jagarizzar.

“If we don’t evolve as artists, we will evaporate,” he says.

He learnt this as a musician, and continues to impart to other artists.

Part of this is going with the changing trend in the music landscape.

“Jump on the current” is how he puts it.

Jagarizzar is part of a band called One Drop Tribe.

The band has released singles that have hit New Zealand, making the number one spot, and even selling out.

But interesting as it is, the band members have never met in person.

“That’s the power of social media. We’ve used this platform to share our pieces without even meeting,” he said.

Israel Staar, Raggadat Cris, Lion Rezz and Jagarizzar have done a number of collaborations.

Apart from Jaga, two members live in Perth while the other is based in Aotearoa (NZ).

And together, they have made an album, releasing it on iTunes.

“If we want our message to reach the masses, we have to think globally,” he explains.

His other singles have even done well in other countries like Hawaii, Africa, Europe and Japan.

“It felt very lonely carrying the PNG flag and not being acknowledged a lot of times. Doing it, not for the recognition, but for the love is what I’ve learnt from this,” he said.

But it should not be a one-man journey anymore.

In the last ten years, along with wife JamieLee, also a musician, the duo has teamed up with a Vanuatu dj Tuff Tumas to build a Melanesian vibe.

“We have to take it from the example of our Polynesian brothers. Polynesian communities are small but very tight in terms of music.

“We want the same for our Melanesian communities. We’ve got to find different strategies just so artists know we are not going to stop until we really have a better community and united front with our musicians, because it’s better that way.

“And it isn’t copying, it’s finding that inspiration to have that peace within our industry,” he said.

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