Boy band keeps it simple

Clueless is a new local boy band ready to make its entrance into the music scene.

Led by Que and Initial J, the band’s first single Gabagaba Natuna is said to drop next week.

The two are former members of the band Wildpack.

Breaking away from the pack at least three months ago, the duo have gathered a few more boys to form their new band.

Clueless have done a few demos.

Gabagaba Natuna is the official first recorded under GabaKundu records.

The song is about Que’s place of origin – Gabagaba.

Speaking to Loop PNG, Que said the band hopes to launch an album this year.

The album will have at least between 10 to 15 songs, featuring other artists as well.

Que said the duo are still not in good terms with their former band, and have decided to do their own thing.

“I want to keep it simple. I want to keep it to music,” he said.

He said a few videos should be released this month.



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