Building a stronger foundation for PNG music

While PNG’s music scene comes under fire again, another group of artists are trying to build a stronger foundation.

PNG’s underground hip-hop movement is taking on a different approach.

3KiiNgZ is one of the early hip-hop groups in the country, establishing the concept of “conscious music”.

Along with other artists like Sprigga Mek, they set the movement with songs like One Sound and Kanaka Walk.

And years on, emerging hip-hop groups, like the Kanaka OutlawZ, have taken on this trend.

“They are also doing conscious music. Talking about things that are happening, things that matter. They display a sense of intelligence, no small talk,” says Kamako of 3KiiNgZ.

PNG’s old school hip-hop and new school hip-hop groups identify themselves under the banner Nakanation.

According to Kamako, 2017 has been a progressive year for PNG’s hip-hop scene.

“There’s a level we aim to reach. And we’re slowly getting there,” he said.

The more seasoned artists are working closely with emerging hip-hop artists, guiding them in their work.

Moving forward this year, the idea now is fusing all genres, including the local sound, together with hip-hop.

Kamako says this will change the music landscape of PNG.

He says 2018 will be another exciting year, with more concerts and another Rap’ture competition staged in partnership with the Cosmopolitan club.

1365 studios will be putting together a Nakanation album while there is promise for collaborations with some international hip-hop artists.

“We’ve also identified two female rappers already. We will be working with them on their confidence and eventually bring them out,” said Kamako.

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