dAdiigii makes stand against GBV

Local artist dAdiigii has challenged other artists to take up the fight to end violence in the country.

He made a personal stand against violence on Sunday during the Walk for Life dedicated to the campaign against violence.

In an interview with Loop PNG, he said more artists should be involved in this, to emphasise the message with their audience.

“Artists are role model to children. They spend time listening and talking about music. If artists become involved, the message to end violence becomes a topic for the children as well,” he said.

He also called on event and campaign organisers to involve artists as well as sportsmen/women.

“Because of them, fans will attend the event and the message will be received,” he said.

dAdiigii and George Telek performed at the Walk for Life dedicated to the campaign against violence program, at the Sir Huber Murray stadium.

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