Jagar’s daughter set to release new single

Tehila Renagi Va’a is pursuing her parents’ love of music.

Going by the stage name Miss TRV, Va’a is the second child of musicians Jamie-Lee and Jagar Renagi Va’a.

At ten years old, the very talented Tehila will be dropping her first official single – Bad Habit.

The song, as encouraged by her parents, is in the line of conscious music.

“It’s about not doing bad habits,” she says.

Bad Habit was written by her father Jagarizzar and co-written by her.

With beats set by dj Ozlam, the song will have father Jagga featuring daughter Miss TRV.

It took almost a year to complete the song, but has already been publicly performed at least two times in the last year, 2017.

But while this is her first official release, mother Jamie Lee says Tehila has demos which are home records.

Born into a home where both parents not only are musicians but very passionate about the art, Tehila took on the trait.

On top of singing, she’s a writer, a dancer and can play the guitar.

“My mum and dad have inspired me…I’ve always dreamt to be a singer/rapper,” she said.

But she has taken on her own style.

“I would have loved for her to sing more like my style but she has her own. We’re not forcing her to do anything she doesn’t want. We’re letting her find her own way,” said Jamie.

Each child is special, said Jamie.

“I encourage parents – if you can see a sparkle in their eye, if you see the opportunity to give your child a chance to try different things, do it,” she said.

Tehila has also been approached by one of the best dance crews in Port Moresby.

Meanwhile, Bad Habit will be dropping soon.

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