Morobe Show
Morobe show preview

It’s on again this year, the popular Morobe Show.

Hosted by the Morobe Provincial Agricultural Society on October 15th and 16th, the Morobe Show follows after the Goroka and Mt Hagen Shows.

The second largest city in PNG, will come alive to showcase Morobe’s diverse culture and traditions, allowing show goers and tourists to pay a visit and experience the cultural displays all in one place.

Apart from the usual displays of traditional dances and sing-sings, customary plays, the Morobe show will have interesting displays of cultural and traditional arts and crafts, showcasing of NGO’s, commercial business, livestock, and agricultural products/ services including schools and institutions.

Other show stopping activities include horse riding skills, motor cycle stunts, a rodeo style event along with a range of other fun activities.

If you ever find yourself during the 15th and 16th of this month in Lae, make sure to drop by the show ground to see the amazing exhibits of singsings, dances and traditional highlights of the second largest city of PNG.

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