A night of pure ‘Morobe feeling’

For the first time, seasoned and upcoming artists from the Morobe Province will be performing together.

Morobe night will be held tonight at the Cosmopolitan in Port Moresby, featuring big names like Lista Serum, K-Dumen, Bongas (Rex Band) and Russel (Siassi Heritage), along with new up and coming artists like Narxson, Kande Dwayne and Elbig Raiingz.

This event was initiated by Narxson and Elbig Raiingz, who decided to bring Morobean artists together for a night of pure ‘Morobe feeling’.

Elbig is confident the night will be a success.

“The idea is, if tonight’s show is a success, which I know it will be, we will hold this annually every December 1,” he said.

In the past, this was not the case.

“The new artists, we performed ourselves, collaborated ourselves. We’d like to do things differently now. After this, we’d like to build a closer relationship, work together on songs,” Elbig added.

Elbig or Elias Samuel (given name) is from a mixed parentage of East New Britain, Eastern Highlands (Asaro) and Morobe (Markham).

Starting his music career in 2015, his music has more or less been inspired by his Morobe roots.

His name stood out after his collaboration with Kande Dwayne and JayFox, bringing the hit song Bus Driver, which hit number 1 on local charts for a while.

Elbig is also known for his other songs like Saghat Markham and another hit, Mimi Oh.

Most recent release is Pinam Isi, meaning liklik meri (little girl) in the Markham language.

Elbig will be performing all his songs tonight. Same with the other artists performing tonight.

Tickets to the event are selling for K40. Entrance fee is K50.



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