Pasin Tumbuna Festival set for this Sunday

​While the country is still in the Independence fever, Port Moresby Nature Park is preparing to hosts its Pasin Tumbuna Festival.

Set for a week after the 42nd anniversary, the annual festival, will be held on September 24.

The day sees traditional skills and daily practises of the forefathers reborn once more.

Last year’s Pasin Tumbuna Festival saw performances include sago making, carving masks and totems, basket weaving, traditional painting, dances, fire making, and food processes such as aigir, maget, cassava cake and kulau jam among others.

It is a unique approach to other cultural celebrations, with the focus on learning and the development of a deeper appreciation of cultural diversity.

The nature park is once more inviting city residents and visitors to see, learn and participate in traditional cookery, carving making, musical instrument and bilas (costume) making and other fun activities.



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