The Vide
PNG’s first-ever girl band

A powerful weapon is made up of different but significant materials incorporated together.

Similarly, the Vibe – PNG’s first ever girl band, consists of three individually gifted singers – Tinzey Mau, Theresa Miria and Billie-Jean Kubul.

This weapon however, has far greater use – to cut through the traditionally male dominated music industry of PNG.

Under the guidance of band manager and mentor Nicole Jeune, the girl band is determined to pave the way and empower more female singers to follow through.

These are co-workers-slash-band-mates. They all work for a local TV station and they can sing.

“That little area (workplace) was packed with talent. Everybody had something but didn’t know what to do with it,” says Jeune.

“With Papua New Guineans, we just need a mentor to push us to where we are,”Jeune adds.

So she stepped in with the initiative.

“We decided to start something that represents the girls themselves – the aim was to put a girl band together.”

She says each of the girls come with different talents – different strengths and weaknesses.

Tinzey’s energy and strong base voice, Theresa’s guitar skills and softer harmonies combined with Billy-Jeans’ powerful soulful sound – brings The Vibe.

Their band name Vibe is derived from the word vibrant and also associated with the term vibe, which means the atmosphere of a place as communicated to and felt by others.

It’s a band they hope will create a sound that will communicate a positive message.

The Vibe’s first big gig will be in August 22. They have been invited by the POMCCI to perform during the 2017 PNG International Business Summit in Brisbane. The Vibe will be dropping their two originals Family and Change for the first time.

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