Stagajah success: household favorite to three time award winner

You may wonder how a band of three, not only stepped up to receive three music awards in the last three years, but have set up a successful recording label of its own.

Up to date, Stagajah production (studio label) has successfully produced singles for various artists and groups such as Duman Xtras, Sharzy, Avisat.

It did not take long for this success.

Stagajah was officially formed in June 2014, when the passion for music brought Statz, Gaix and Jay Ray together.

For these boys from Tokarara suburb in Port Moresby, the secret most probably lies in their cooperation, commitment, discipline and truly making use of the talent.

And beyond that, it is how well they complement each other.

Gaix does most of the composing, arranging of lyrics and tunes. He also raps and sings. Jay also helps out in some lyrics and is the vocal heart of the band, boasting unique and good vocal ability. Statz does all the music arrangements and recording of the band.

Fresh into the music scene, stagajah quickly became a household favourite going on to receive two awards in the 2015 PNG Yumi fm Music awards – “Newest Group of the year” & Listener’s Choice Group of the year” awards and then again the “Listener’s Choice group of the year” award in 2016.

Over the years, the band has also grown, with the inclusion of Chaddy Chad, Stonky and BMT.

The band has also featured various local and regional artists such as Nathan Nakikus and Sharzy, among others.

Not disappointing its fans, Stagajah came in strong with the new year, releasing its latest song “Ma Vetuana” sung in Babaka language, Central Province.

Author: Gloria Bauai

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